Meeting Schedule 2017

The Tri State Dowsers regular meeting is the last Thursday of the month at 6:oo pm January thru October.  We meet in the (Diamond Room) at the Newburgh Central Library, 4111 Lakeshore Drive, Newburgh, IN  47630.  The Newburgh Central Library is located on the southwest corner of the intersection of the Lloyd Expressway and Bell Road, about 2- 1/2 miles east of the I-64 overpass.
*Some meetings will not be the last Thursday of the month due to Library Schedule conflicts so always check the meeting schedule for the actual date.*

We practice dowsing methods at each meeting, so please bring your Pendulum and L-Rods and charts.  We do have a limited quantity to loan, so no one is left out and EVERYONE IS WELCOME.


January 26 -  Al Crim will be our speaker this month.  The topic is "Dowsing and how it relates to Honey Bees and Geopathic Stress lines".

February 23 - We will be starting energy work with the Marie Diamond Course.

March 30 - Continuation of the Marie Diamond Seminar covering Hartmann Lines, Curry Lines, Interference Lines and Personal Zones.

April 27 - Malinda Mitchell & David Christmas - will be updating us on "Chem Trails" and their detrimental effect on all of us.

May 25 - Jodie Elkins - "Heart Math"  Discussion on "Heart Math" with a demonstration.

June  29Malinda Mitchell and Terri Brown - discussing the dangers of Fluoride in our water.

July 27 -  Jim and Jana Havener - Body Detox

August 31 - Lonny Monaghan - will be discussing the dowsing tools and techniques he uses to dowse for buried valuables.

September 28 -  Sharon Dittmar - Inner Healing by Pendulum and a Focused Mind

October 26 - 

November & December- NO MEETINGS